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Somerset Psychological Group, P.A. provides a variety of services for the full spectrum of the population, including children, adolescents, and adults. Staff have been specially trained in the assessment and treatment of a vast array of challenges, including:

In addition to individual, couples, and family therapy, we also offer a variety of specialized forensic services, including:

Anxiety, Mood Problems, and Low Self-Esteem:  Struggles with anxiety, depression, Bipolar Disorder, or low self-esteem are prevalent in today’s society.  Our goal is to help individuals identify situations where such struggles occur and discover the thoughts that contribute to the distressing emotions.  From there, we teach cognitive and behavioral strategies to bring about positive change.

Stress Management:  It is difficult to find someone who is not negatively impacted by stress.  However, incessant exposure to stressors can have many deleterious effects on a person’s overall well-being, including on their physical and mental health.  Our focus is centered on helping people identify the factors that contribute to their stress levels and on learning techniques that facilitate coping and, ultimately, lessen the negative impact of stress in their lives.

Work & School Difficulties:  Many of our stressors occur in either the workplace or school setting.  By learning appropriate stress management strategies, a person’s occupational and academic functioning can be enhanced.  We assist people with meeting demands from their employer or teachers/instructors in a productive and efficient manner and also teach them skills to be better adept at managing difficult interpersonal relationships.

Grief and Loss:  Loss can reflect a variety of significant life changes, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, a diagnosis, or even evolving financial or occupational insecurity.  While grief is a natural reaction to loss, it is also a highly personal and individualized one.  We strive to provide compassionate support to enhance a person’s ability to cope with the loss and life changes and to work through the resulting emotional reactions.

Trauma Recovery:  Trauma encompasses any event that is emotionally or physically distressing and/or produces enduring psychological or physical effects.  Traumatic events typically occur unexpectedly with little to no warning and with minimal, if any, preparation time.  While traumatic events can be large-scale and communal, they can also be more individually-specific, such as motor vehicle accidents, life-threatening injuries, and various forms of abuse.  Unfortunately, our society has seen an increase in traumatic events.  We are prepared to offer support and teach techniques that have been proven to facilitate coping and healing.

Sexual Difficulties:  Sexual problems can be experienced by an individual or couple at any stage of the life span.  These difficulties can cause extreme distress and negatively impact one’s quality of life.  Our staff is trained to work with individuals to assess contributing factors and to teach strategies that can mitigate the distress and strengthen one’s relationships.

Parenting Concerns: Raising children or teenagers can be one of the most rewarding—yet demanding—life experiences.  Our staff adopts a comprehensive approach to work with both parents and their children to provide effective strategies that can strengthen the overall family system.

Behavioral Problems:  Whether the person seeking services is a child, adolescent, or adult, our staff can assist him or her with uncovering the contributing factors that lead to problematic behaviors and with learning practical strategies to prevent such patterns from reoccurring.

In addition, we offer specialized forensic services, such as:

Court Testimony: Our staff has decades of experience with testifying in civil or criminal matters.

Criminal and Civil Evaluations:  Evaluations are often requested in court proceedings to, for example, determine if a person is competent to stand trial, assess his or her level of risk to the community, or offer recommendations as to the type of treatment services that are warranted for an individual who has committed a crime.  Members of our staff routinely perform these types of evaluations and are retained by both defense attorneys and prosecutors throughout the State.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations & IMEs:  Many times, employers and/or insurance companies will seek independent evaluations to determine if an employee is fit to return to work following various types of incidents.  Our staff provides a comprehensive assessment and renders an independent opinion on the clinical status of the employee.